How To Choose Hiking Shoes Like A Pro

Hybrid Green Label shoes are made for adventure enthusiasts with a love for thrill-seeking escapades! From the concrete jungle to rocky terrains, lace up a pair of our shoes for style, comfort and great support.

Check out the different types of Hybrid Green Label shoes to find the perfect pair to fit your needs.

First things first, hiking footwear falls into three categories:

  • The Day Hiking Boot: Typically ranging from mid to high top constructions, they offer excellent ankle support while will carrying a light pack.

  • The Classic Hiking Shoe: Are usually low-cut shoes with built to move soles, which are ideal for day hiking.

  • Backpacking Boots: These are crafted with a high cut construction that protects your ankles and is equipped with maximum support.

  • Low-Top Shoes

    If your hiking plans consist of journeying well-kept trails with a mostly even landscape, then stick to our low top sneakers. From our customer favorite, Lethal Adventure to the Artful to the Curious Sneaker.  

    The Lethal Adventure

    The Artful Sneaker


    The Curious Sneaker

    High-Top Shoes

    If your day will be filled with rougher landscapes, then wear our high-top sneakers for ankle protection. We also recommend opting for styles that have a mesh upper like The Legend Sneaker for breathability granting a cooler feel. Our Gladstone shoe is another terrific choice.

    The Legend Sneaker


    The Gladstone Sneaker