Hybrid Green Label is a lifestyle footwear brand seeking to make the world greener, one shoe at a time. Our unique designs and multi-functional styles are perfect for anything from outside to outdoors. Utilizing sustainable, environmental-friendly materials we created an elevated eco-friendly style that will take you from the office to nature effortlessly. We’re going green.


At Hybrid Green Label we know it’s imperative to protect and preserve our planet. That is why we are always on the lookout for sustainable, creative ways to design and produce our shoes.

Knowing that the footwear industry is said to be responsible for over 700 million tons of carbon dioxide a year just doesn’t sit right with us. We believe we all must put our best foot forward in an effort to make our planet greener.

By utilizing recycling rubber collected from factory and landfill waste, organic cotton, Ortholite ECO footbeds, and creating a new eco-friendly rubber compound based on natural gum rubber from rubber trees — we’re constantly making our production line greener and greener.

Join the Hybrid Green Label community today for updates on all of our green initiative and ways to give back to our planet.


Innovation is the core of Hybrid green label. Every shoe is made with the finest materials, textiles, and production techniques for top quality.

Our unique eco-friendly rubber tree finger print outsole symbolizes our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.


Hybrid Green Label crafts multi functional, comfortable, and eco-conscious shoes for people AND the environment.

Join the green movement today!