We are a green hybrid lifestyle footwear company that designs unique multi-functional styles for your outdoor and casual experiences utilizing sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment. We believe that by merging these two lifestyles we play a large part in sustainability. Imagine having a shoe that can be worn at the office and can take you to the outdoors without changing – That’s Hybrid Green Label.


There’s nothing more important than our planet. That’s why we're always looking for sustainable solutions when we create our shoes. As you may know, the footwear industry emits 700 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. Even though we are a small fraction of the industry, we believe that everyone must play their part in contributing to the solution. Everyone counts. This is how we contribute to helping the environment.

We focus on reducing our carbon footprints in our raw materials, which is our larger contributor. We do this by utilizing recycled rubber collected from the waste from factories and landfills for our outsoles, organic cotton, and Ortholite ECO footbeds and created a new Eco-Friendly Rubber compound that is blended with Natural Gum Rubber from rubber trees. And we do not stop here! As we continue to grow as a company we are consistently looking at other forms to be more sustainable. We understand that restoring the environment will not happen tomorrow, but every day is a step towards that mission.



Innovation is what we invest in. We reach the best quality in new materials, fabrics, and processes through revolutionary technology. Our Eco-Friendly Rubber Outsole is a one of a kind design that was inspired by a fingerprint to symbolize its uniqueness and individuality.


Hybrid Green Label is multi-functional, comfortable, and continually strives for environmentally friendly benefits. Join us, you won't regret it; you won't regret going green!